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Protecting Indianapolis Offices With Board Up Services

June 2nd, 2015 · No Comments

Severe weather is a part of life in Indianapolis and throughout the Midwest, but that doesn’t mean thunderstorms, tornados and straight-line winds should disrupt your business. Damage to your normally secure office building leaves your company exposed to water damage from roof leaks and additional waves of showers and storms. New openings created by fallen trees or flying debris provide easy access for robbers and vandals. At ServiceMaster DSI, our emergency response team provides board up services and fast response times for business owners in Indianapolis, Greenwood, Plainfield and Brownsburg, IN.

You or your co-workers may not always be on-site when severe weather strikes. Have a plan in place in case you return the next morning to find significant storm damage. Upon arrival, inspect the outside of the property. Look for fallen trees and downed power lines. Check the exterior of the building for broken windows or visible roof damage. You should also keep an eye out for any unfamiliar vehicles nearby or unexpected movement inside as this could be a sign of a break-in. If such a situation occurs, move to a safe location immediately and contact the authorities for assistance.

Once it appears safe to enter your office building, take note of any interior damages as well as anything that seems to be missing or out of place. Don’t turn on any lights if you smell gas. If you see any exposed wiring, assume that it is still live and stay away. Be especially careful around wires in puddles or standing water. Report all damages to your building owners and supervisors. You should also let your coworkers know what to expect when they arrive, or whether it is safe for them to be on-site before repairs have been completed.

The damage caused by severe storms can lead to a wide range of dangerous situations. For your safety, please do not attempt to make repairs without calling for professional assistance. The emergency response team at ServiceMaster DSI understands that you need your company to be operating normally as quickly and safely as possible. Our 24/7/365 emergency response services, including water damage restoration and fire damage restoration, allow us to get to your Indianapolis, Greenwood, Plainfield, or Brownsburg, IN office building as quickly as possible. We provide secure coverings with tarps and board up services to protect openings of any size from the elements and unauthorized entry. We also provide barricades for additional security measures. Contact us today to learn more!

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