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How Dust Damage can affect your business without regular HVAC Cleaning by ServiceMaster DSI of Indianapolis, IN

September 11th, 2015 · No Comments

Dust. It’s everywhere, and for most of us it’s merely a nuisance for allergy sufferers which can be tackled with over the counter meds. It can be cleaned away with a cloth, a little elbow grease, or a good vacuum. But in terms of your place of business it can be much more damaging, causing overheating of equipment, corrosion of machine parts, and costly repairs. Scheduled HVAC duct cleaning services by ServiceMaster DSI in Indianapolis, IN will significantly reduce not only the dust in your workplace, but also the allergens and pollens.

If something has parts, it’s at risk for dust damage. In the case of industrial settings, dust is often a by-product and regular preventative maintenance is key. Changing air filters is particularly important to help keep dust from accumulating. Dust can lower machine efficiencies, and in the case of particularly sensitive machinery, can impact readings which can be critical in many industries.

Corrosion can cause further issues. When dust combines with moisture it can corrode sensitive circuitry and degrade the structural integrity of machinery. In many cases, replacing these machines is costly and results in unwanted down time when they break with no warning.

How can HVAC cleaning help? ServiceMaster DSI uses the most up to date filtering and duct cleaning system to remove 99.97% of dirt, debris, and the tiny dust particles that find their way into your sensitive computers and machinery. But we don’t stop there. We finish the HVAC cleaning with a sanitizing EPA approved deodorizer which will inhibit the growth of molds and mildews in your HVAC system, leaving the workplace a healthier place to breathe easy.

Call ServiceMaster DSI in Indianapolis, IN and we’ll be happy to give you an evaluation on the scope of your HVAC cleaning services needed and put you on a regular maintenance schedule to prolong the life of your valuable machinery in the workplace.

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