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Temporary Power Services for Businesses in Indianapolis After Disaster by Service Master DSI

November 4th, 2015 · No Comments

Running a business is often described like the turning of a wheel; each cog needs to be in place so things run smoothly. While staff turnover and ups and downs in sales and profitability are expected in any business, there is something some businesses miss: having a solid disaster plan in place in case of losing power for days. Think about it –  power runs our lives as well as our businesses. It runs our computers, cell phones, and heating and cooling systems. ServiceMaster DSI knows how crucial power is to your business, and we make it our business to be there when you need temporary power services.

Our team is available to you 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, and ServiceMaster DSI’s disaster recovery team is the most knowledgeable staff in the greater Indianapolis area when it comes to providing temporary power solutions. We step in and assess structural and non-structural hazards and provide heating and cooling as well as temporary lighting solutions.
Beyond the inconvenience of sending employees home because they can’t work without power is the damage it can cause to your building and the contents of your workplace. If the damage is caused by a disaster you may have water damage that needs immediate attention before things go from bad to worse or mold begins to form.  Extreme cold needs to be attended to quickly to prevent burst pipes or damage to sensitive electrical equipment. Valuable contents or inventory may need to be temporarily relocated. Heat can affect refrigeration services causing inventory loss. Our knowledgeable team will step in and help assess the situation. We will ensure your building is secure, safe, and inhabitable, and then immediately begin the plan of restoration.

If your business is in need of temporary power services in Indianapolis, count on ServiceMaster DSI to be your first line of defense to minimize loss and downtime.

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