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Three Kinds of Smoke Damage that Require Remediation: Smoke Damage Clean Up in Indianapolis, IN from ServiceMaster DSI

February 26th, 2016 · No Comments

The old saying “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire” is generally true, but many people don’t realize that smoke damage cleanup can be just as difficult as cleaning up after actual flames. The complex make-up of smoke means that it requires specialized cleanup services. ServiceMaster DSI’s trained technicians know how to deal with the three kinds of smoke damage cleanup your Indianapolis, IN home or business may need after a fire.

The actual damage caused by smoke is determined by the type of soot or gasses produced, with each requiring specialized cleaning and restoration techniques to get the affected items back to pre-loss condition as close as possible. Don’t trust your irreplaceable items to a company that doesn’t have extensive knowledge of these types of smoke. If not restored properly, it could result in the total loss of the item.

  1. Wet Smoke: A smoldering, low-heat type of fire produces wet smoke that creates a strong, lingering smell and sticky residues.
  2. Dry Smoke: Caused by hot, fast burning fires, dry smoke leaves a dry and powdery residue on items. This is not as strong smelling and is easier to clean than wet smoke
  3. Fuel Oil Soot: This one is less common and is caused by boilers or furnace fires. It results in gritty and abrasive mounds of soot left behind. 

Each type of smoke follows the same basic behavioral traits during a fire. It is attracted to cool areas, moves to the top floor of the structure, and easily moves through ventilation systems and plumbing pathways. The fast and pervasive spread of smoke is what makes it deadly and destructive. ServiceMaster DSI can help when you need smoke damage cleanup after a fire in your home or business in Indianapolis. We arrive on the scene quickly with the right tools and the know-how on how to carefully and safely begin to restore items.

Despite the trauma of the event, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your home or business is being cared for by people who understand smoke damage. ServiceMaster DSI is here to serve you in Indianapolis and surrounding areas 24/7 at 317-926-1000. Call us!

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