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Oh, the Damage that Water Seepage Can Do: Water Extraction Services in Zionsville, IN

March 31st, 2016 · No Comments

Most of us worry about large scale water damage in our homes caused by faulty appliances, flash floods, or sewer backups. ServiceMaster DSI provides water extraction services for all of those scenarios in Zionsville, IN, but there is a quieter, more insidious type of water damage that is actually more common than the large scale damages—water seepage.

Because it builds up over time and may not be noticed right away, by the time water seepage has done its damage, it can cause thousands of dollars in damage to homes and commercial properties. The key to containing water seepage and minimizing the damage is being aware of the signs and what causes it before it produces major flooding requiring water extraction services.

Common causes of water seepage

Downspouts being placed too close to the foundation of the home.

Cracked or damaged waterspouts, or gutters being filled with leaves and debris that overflow, allowing water to run down the foundation.

Saturation of the ground from heavy snow melts and rains.

Basement window wells that have no drainage built in.

Crumbling or deteriorating seals around toilets, showers, sinks, and bath tubs. Most common in bathroom areas, but under the kitchen sink is another culprit.

Small cracks or fissures on seals on dishwashers, causing leaking into the floorboards which are behind the unit.

Signs of Water Seepage

Damp spots on walls

Moldy and damp spots on walls or flooring

“Spongy” feeling on tiles or flooring

Dripping from spots in the ceiling or from fixtures

Quick action is needed to fix these problems before it becomes more widespread. A small drip behind the wall can quickly escalate into a bigger problem causing flooding. Not only do you have the long term damage you had from the water slowing doing its work behind the scenes on the structure of the dwelling, you’ll need water extraction services for the large scale amount of water. As you can imagine, the damage at this point can be severe if not remediated quickly.

ServiceMaster DSI can help if you are in need of water extraction services in Zionsville, IN. We know that a quick turnaround time means the difference between a full scale loss and saving your possessions. Call us at 317-926-1000. We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and will be on site as soon as possible to help.


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