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Not all fires are the same; soot removal services in Indianapolis by ServiceMaster DSI.

April 7th, 2016 · No Comments

The very nature of fire is unpredictable and the results are often devastating. Whether you are a homeowner affected by a house fire, or it’s your business and livelihood that is involved, ServiceMaster DSI knows this is a highly emotional and also critical time to get help. According to the US Fire Administration, over 11 billion dollars a year in the United States are lost to fires. We’re here to help you recover.

To properly remediate damage from a fire, we first need to know the type of soot removal that is necessary. Why does this matter? Soot is a small particulate, sometimes nearly invisible to the human eye, that spreads quickly and leaves a tell-tale odor. The type of soot produced is directly related to the type of fire and the smoke that is produced. Left on its own, soot will not just “air out” of a home or building. These small particulates permeate the heating and cooling system, fabrics, and walls. Eliminating the odor completely requires professional soot removal services.

Whether it was a smoldering fire or inferno, there are different types of soot left behind.

Paper and wood produce a dryer soot because it creates a faster, hotter fire. The damage to the building can be extensive since these items can burn quickly. We can remove the residual soot and restore items you may have thought were beyond restoration.


Burning plastic creates a greasy and oily soot, and also produces hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, hydrobromic, and other reactive acidic agents that will cause corrosion to the contents of the building. This corrosion starts very quickly after the fire is put out and continues for days or weeks afterwards if not properly remediated.


An example of this would be a kitchen fire caused by animal fat/grease that has ignited. This soot will produce a strong odor and the residue is very difficult to see. Specialized cleaning for each object affected needs to be done and quickly. Vapor blocks may be set up to keep the soot from permeating other areas of the house.

Fire damage restoration to your Indianapolis area home or business and its contents is possible. We remove items, reduce the humidity of the area, and utilize careful restoration and decontamination methods. We’ll tailor soot removal methods to insure the best result for you after this tragedy. Contact us at 317-926-1000.


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