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Help With Hoarder Cleanup in Greenwood,Indiana From ServiceMaster DSI

April 14th, 2016 · No Comments

They say that every family has its secrets, but some are too hard to bear alone. If you or a member of your family is deeply affected by a hoarding disorder, ServiceMaster DSI can help you get out from under the clutter and rubble with our hoarder clean up services in Greenwood, IN.

Not much is known about the direct cause of hoarding disorder, but experts do know that its a form of ADHD and that it tends to affect the older population. While many people are shocked and wonder how it could have gotten so bad, reality TV shows about hoarding show how quickly it can spiral from a bad situation to a potentially dangerous living situation. Hoarders believe they have to save everything for a time when they may need it and consequentially develop unusual and deep desires to collect items.

There are various stages of hoarding, ranging anywhere from severe clutter to homes so filled with objects and waste that they can actually contain biohazardous waste that can affect the health of the inhabitants or visitors. If you see the following signs in a loved one, they may have a hoarding disorder:

They’re embarrassed to let you see their home

There are piles of stuff in hallways and doorways and unusable rooms in their home

They’re reluctant to part with any object, even things as minor as old mail or rubber bands

They withdraw from family events or society

They don’t remember buying items and end up buying them again

ServiceMaster DSI has compassionate and knowledgeable technicians to help with all the steps involved in hoarder remediation. We can assist with sorting and tagging objects that need to be donated, disposed of, or given to family members. We can help restore the home to its pre-loss condition by restoring minor and structural problems and sanitizing the entire space. And in the event that mental health professionals are needed on site, we can direct you to helpful resources within our county.

Hoarding is a secret shame for many families, but you don’t have to go it alone. Please call us to discuss your hoarder clean up needs with our discreet and helpful staff at 317-926-1000.


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