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Understanding Mold and Mold Removal in Westfield, IN

April 22nd, 2016 · No Comments

If your home is suffering from mold damage, you may think the solution is as easy as cleaning it up and moving on with your life. But simply wiping mold away isn’t enough. Mold is a complex organism that can pose serious health risks. To understand why mold removal should be done by a professional, let’s talk about how mold forms.

Technically classified as fungi, mold is a living organism. The spores are invisible to the naked eye and travel quickly via the air or soil. Mold’s primary job is to aid in the decomposition of plant matter. Its appearance can take many forms; it can have a furry, slimy, stringy, or even a powdery look. Mold spreads very quickly; a mold colony can begin to form in as little as 48 hours from when a mold spore lands. Mold can cause serious damage to the structure of your home in addition to posing health risks to the inhabitants such as respiratory ailments, sinus infections, and rashes.

How Mold Thrives. Because mold is a living organism, it needs certain elements in order to grow and thrive. It needs moisture, darkness, and a surface to feed on.

Temperature. Many people think that mold only grows in dank basements or in the grout of a bathroom with high humidity levels, but mold can actually grow in cold temperatures as well. While it prefers humid and moist environments and will spread faster there, a cold area of your home is not immune to mold damage.

Moisture. Any area with trapped condensation or where water vapor is present will attract mold spores. A few common examples include basement dampness seeping under cardboard boxes or cabinets that enclose leaky pipes.

Feeding Agent. This is the last important component of mold being able to really thrive. Living things release carbon atoms that mold uses as a food source. While you may not think of a cardboard box as a food source, it was once a living tree and it still contains just enough cells for mold to use as nutrients. If the temperature and the moisture are right, mold can usually find a food source from something as small as a human skin cell or an animal hair.

ServiceMaster DSI has extensive experience with mold removal in Westfield, IN. Our trained professionals can be on site quickly to explain the steps of the removal process and keep you and your family safe from the dangers of inhaling the mold and spores during abatement. We’ll hunt down the cause and determine the proper and most safe steps to make your home a healthy place to live again. Call us today at 317-926-1000.


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