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Sanitary or Unsanitary Flooding? ServiceMaster can Help With Carpet Cleaning After Your Flood in Indianapolis

June 30th, 2016 · No Comments

When flooding happens in a home or business it is a crisis. Since each flood situation is unique, there is no standard operating procedure that is followed. Each case must be dealt with care and attention to the cause to ensure that the least amount of damage, restoration, or replacement is necessitated. When we are called to the site of a flood in Indianapolis, our first concern is identifying the source of the flooding to determine the kind of carpet cleaning necessary. Namely, is the flood source sanitary, or unsanitary.

Sanitary Flooding. Sanitary flooding is identified as coming from a source of water that is not polluted with bio-pollutants. Burst pipes in a home, a water heater that breaks and floods a basement, or a bathtub that overflows would be some examples of a sanitary water source. Many people believe that any flooding means carpeting has to be replaced, but this is not always the case. With careful water extraction and carpet cleaning, we have been able to thoroughly restore carpet from sanitary flooding conditions. Until ServiceMaster DSI’s trained technicians arrive on site to assess the damage, we recommend you take action to shut off or control the source of the water. Walking on the wet carpeting should be avoided to prevent the loss of backing elasticity and textile damage. After extraction and drying services, we can clean the carpeting, and in some conditions, it may be restored to pre-loss conditions.

Unsanitary or black water flooding. Unsanitary water comes from any source that may be contaminated with human or animal urine or feces, or food sources such as a dishwasher that overflows. The degree of unsanitary conditions is our focus as these flood waters can be a serious health risk and need to be cleaned and treated with great care and attention to detail. Sanitary water can become black water if it’s not treated promptly. In the presences of these dangerous conditions the cleanup, restoration, and sanitation efforts need to be done by trained and skilled technicians. Losses can be staggering because structural components, personal belongings, appliances, and flooring materials may need to be removed and properly discarded.

If you have flooding of any kind in your Indianapolis home or business, your quick action to contact us can mean the difference between restoration or serious loss. We are available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Even a few inches of water is serious, and we have the trained staff to deal with any scenario. Contact us at (317) 926-1000.

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