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Debris Removal after Tornados in Greenwood, IN

May 9th, 2017 · No Comments

Greenwood, IN, sees its fair share of severe weather, and as we head through spring and the variable weather the Midwest is known for, it’s good practice to have a tornado plan in place for your business. Making sure your employees stay safe during storms should be your priority. Unfortunately, sometimes, after the storm has passed, your business could be affected by damage and debris on the property. ServiceMaster DSI provides comprehensive debris removal in Greenwood, IN, and the greater Indianapolis, IN area.

Debris, Glass, Sharp Metals
Tornados can viciously tear apart a building in a matter of seconds. Shattered windows, metal beams, equipment, furniture, and more can be strewn about for miles. The damage inflicted upon the building needs to be attended to as soon as possible, and the difficult and tedious task of debris removal is essential to the restoration process.

Fuel Sources

If your business is not powered purely by electricity, there may be a fuel source that needs to be dealt with and remediated. Butane, natural gas, and kerosene are all highly volatile chemicals that need to be handled with care to avoid combustion. Similarly, if there are any spills involving gasoline, motor oil, or other flammable fuels, they need to be remediated in accordance with OSHA standards.


From cleaning chemicals to chemicals used to run your business, these materials are often caustic, flammable, and toxic. If they mix, they can become a serious health danger and make people extremely sick. ServiceMaster DSI has trained technicians with the required knowledge, equipment, and products to properly clean chemical spills.

If your business deals with dangerous microbes or pathogens, containing them is essential to health and human life. If a sewage line breaks, E coli or other dangerous pathogens can be present. Ensuring these biohazards are not carried away from the site is essential to containing the dangerous spread of disease and infection.

ServiceMaster DSI stands ready to help after any serious tornado or storm damage with professional debris removal in Greenwood, IN.  For more information on our services, contact us at (317) 559-2231.

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