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Fire Damage Restoration Can’t Wait for Homes Affected in Westfield, IN

August 2nd, 2017 · No Comments

A fire in a home is heartbreaking and devastating. It threatens our sense of security, and the psychological after-effects of a fire can be long reaching. ServiceMaster DSI offers full-service professional fire damage restoration in Westfield, IN so you can get back into your cleaned and restored home quickly and begin the healing process.

After a fire, starting the cleanup process as soon as possible will help reduce the amount of fire damage restoration needed. ServiceMaster DSI provides professional fire damage restoration services in Westfield, IN for homes that have suffered smoke damage, fire damage, and water damage.

Smoke is the first thing we tackle in a home because it can continue to cause damage to the home and the contents after the fire is extinguished. The longer smoke remains in a home or on the objects in the home, the better the chance it cannot be remediated. When a fire burns, smoke will permeate walls, furniture, clothing, and anything else it touches. Smoke is particulate matter that is extremely small, and it can attach itself to objects and continue to interact with paper, wood, and textiles. Each item in your home needs to be inspected by a trained fire damage restoration specialist to remove odor and stop further damage, or it may be irreversible.

Our technicians can clean items on-site, but if the home is compromised so much that work needs to be done off-site, we offer pack out services so we can clean and restore your items in a safe location and return them after the home is completely restored.

A large part of our jobs as professional fire damage restoration specialists is deodorizing the home. During a house fire, the heat can open up the pores on paint, woodwork, and drywall, allowing those small particulates of smoke and soot in.  If left untreated, or not done properly, your home will smell like smoke for a very long time, which can be very upsetting for victims of a house fire. Our proprietary methods include thermal fogging, ozone machines, and other sources of activated carbon which neutralize the smoke odor.

If your home has been affected by a serious house fire, make sure to call us quickly to prevent further loss.  We’re available 24/7/365 for Westfield, IN and the surrounding area at (317) 559-2231.

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