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Has Your Home Experienced Water Damage? ServiceMaster DSI Offers Pack-Out Services in Westfield, IN

September 18th, 2017 · No Comments

If your business or home is dealing with water damage, there’s more to restoration than just removing the water. The items inside the building may be wet, but total loss of property can be avoided in many cases by calling in a professional water damage restoration specialist from ServiceMaster DSI in Westfield, IN. After our team extracts the water and begins the drying process, your furniture and other items inside the building may need a place to be safely held during the drying and restoration process.

Professional Pack-Out Services from ServiceMaster DSI

Restoration of waterlogged items is a delicate process. Making sure the items are stored in a climate-controlled area is key to a successful restoration. We offer:

On-Site Restoration Services. If there is a portion of the building that isn’t affected by water damage and able to host the items, we may be able to move the items to that location and do restoration on-site. This is a good solution for water damaged items that require minimal restoration on a secure site.

Container Pack Out. For items not requiring restoration but need to be stored off-site from the water damaged area, we can provide containers or pods to store your valuables. We can also assist with information on where the containers can be placed legally during the water damage restoration process.

Off-Site Storage. If items are extensively damaged, we can offer off-site storage in our climate-controlled warehouse space while our trained technicians restore your items.

Disaster Recovery From Water Damage in Westfield, IN. If your Westfield, IN home or business, has suffered water damage, we’re available 24/7/365 to help you with your disaster needs. Our trained water damage technicians can be on-site quickly and can help with water extraction, drying and pack out services to the appropriate location. We’re here to help in Westfield, IN at (317) 559-2231.

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