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When Biohazards Are Present in Noblesville, IN, Trauma Cleanup Is Needed

October 3rd, 2017 · No Comments

When a natural disaster such as the hurricanes that are battering Texas and Florida hit, cleanup can be widespread. We can all imagine that there will be a lot of downed trees and debris to clean up, but there will likely also be a great deal of biohazard cleanup needed as well. It doesn’t take a major disaster to require biohazard cleanup, either. For example, sewage back up in the basement of your Noblesville, IN, home will require biohazard cleanup because conditions are right for pathogens to flourish.

Debris is classified as anything that is out of place or scattered where it should not be. While it can be dangerous and exhausting to remove debris such as tree trunks, roofing, and concrete, it doesn’t pose a threat to human health and safety simply because you are near it. Biohazards are materials that when exposed to the right conditions, can cause anything from mild illness to death in human beings. Blood, bodily fluids, vomit and other pathogens are classified as biohazards, and they can pass from one host to another. Attempting to clean up after a death, suicide, or other accident where biohazards are present is dangerous and can even be fatal.

It’s vital that if you’re in a situation where there is disaster restoration needed in an area where biohazards are present that you consult a trained biohazard cleanup crew.  ServiceMaster DSI has the experience, equipment, and the trained technicians to assist with this type of cleanup in Noblesville, IN. We’re on call 24/7/365 to help and get you out of a dangerous situation. Don’t attempt any cleanup until we arrive because we’re here to help.

For questions about a disaster requiring debris or biohazard cleanup in Noblesville, IN, or the surrounding area, contact us at (317) 559-2231.

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