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Help With Animal Hoarding Cleanup in Noblesville, IN

November 22nd, 2017 · No Comments

animal hoarding

Animals enrich our lives, and more than two-thirds of American households have some form of pet. However, that sweet little kitten turns into a cat, and even the smallest puppy grows quickly. All animals require a great deal of care, and if they’re not attended to, it can not only endanger the life of the animal, it can also be a health threat to those who live in the home. In the case of animal hoarders, they have an inability to say no to more animals in the home than they can adequately care for. When this happens, the home can become dangerous and even uninhabitable.

Hoarding is a complex disease closely associated with obsessive compulsive disorder. It’s unknown why it affects some people and not others in the same family, but it does tend to be more prevalent in the aging population. Hoarders are often isolationists, so having pets in the home makes them feel loved and a sense of belonging, but they often aren’t able to train or take care of the animals. Feces, urine, and general destruction caused by the animals are usually present in these homes. Hoarding cleanup can be very unpleasant and even dangerous. However, ServiceMaster DSI can help with animal hoarding cleanup in Noblesville, IN, and the surrounding areas.

In an animal hoarding cleanup situation, our trained technicians have the right tools and equipment to enter a home that may have high levels of ammonia from urine and pathogens present from animal feces and pests. We can thoroughly clean and sanitize the area and use best practice disposal methods to ensure that all state and local ordinances are met. Hoarding cleanup in these situations calls for skilled, trained, and sympathetic technicians who can restore the home. Our ServiceMaster DSI technicians can be on site 24/7/365 to help.

We also offer pack out services for the home while it’s being restored. If there’s extensive damage to the structure of the home we can also do reconstruction repair.  Remediation of a hoarding situation often involves more than removing the offending odors and in many cases also requires mold abatement and water damage restoration. If you know of a home that needs hoarding cleanup in Noblesville, IN, we can help. Contact ServiceMaster DSI at (317) 559-2231.

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