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Fire Damage Cleanup Needed Due to Grease Fires in Zionsville, IN

December 8th, 2017 · No Comments

grease fires

When you think of a house fire, you’re probably thinking of a worst-case scenario— scenes of dancing flames and firefighters carrying out the family pet often come to mind. But in truth, the fire damage restoration that we deal with in Zionsville, IN, isn’t always borne from the dancing pyrotechnics of a fully engaged building fire, but rather from smaller fires such as grease fires. These fires can be some of the most dangerous fires in a home or restaurant because they spread very quickly, are hard to contain, and can cause widespread damage.

Grease fires start when cooking oils become too hot. All oils have what is referred to as a smoking point. For animal fat oils that number begins at about 375 Fahrenheit, while vegetable oils have a higher smoking point around 450 Fahrenheit. When these oils go beyond their smoking point, they become highly flammable and burn very hot. ServiceMaster DSI encourages all kitchen users in both residences and restaurants in Zionsville, IN to practice these safe cooking techniques to help prevent grease fires and fire damage:

Do Not Move the Pan That Is on Fire

It may be instinctual to grab the pan and try to get it to the kitchen sink or outside, but doing this is the number one reason people sustain severe burns. That hot oil moves fast and is burning at a high rate. You may have also heard to use salt or baking powder, but it takes a lot of these substances to put out a grease fire. Instead, try the smother method.

Smother Instead of Drown

Never throw water on a grease fire. The high heat and burning oil can spread if you do this and cause the burning oil to stick to walls and floors, accelerating the fire and the fire damage. This sticky, smoky substance is tough to remove if you aren’t skilled in fire damage restoration. Instead, smother the fire with a large pan lid and use a kitchen fire extinguisher if available. Then step away and call the fire department.

Staying vigilant when you cook is the best way to prevent grease fires. Watch your cooking carefully when dealing with oils and keep the heat at a lower setting when you are bringing the oil to the correct cooking temperature.

ServiceMaster DSI provides fire damage restoration and is available 24/7/365 in Zionsville, IN, but prevention is always preferred to a disaster. Contact us at (317) 559-2231.

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