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Wet Basements and Carpet Cleaning Services in Greenwood, IN

January 17th, 2018 · No Comments


carpet drying machinesRenovated basements in Greenwood, IN, are very common. Wanting to make use of every area of their home, thrifty Midwesterners have turned what would be empty storage space into playrooms for kids, “man-caves” for dad to watch the game, or even workout or crafting rooms. There’s probably nothing more disheartening than to go downstairs expecting a little rest and relaxation and to have your socks squish on wet carpet. You’ve got water damage, and your carpeting is taking the brunt of it.  What do you do?

Assess the Amount of Damage

If the amount of water you’re dealing with takes up more than a square foot, you’re going to need some help. Not only are you dealing with water getting into your basement, but you’re also dealing with water damage to your foundation, and potentially mold in the carpeting. Mold can form very quickly, even in cold months. Don’t leave it to “deal with it later.” That can end up costing you much more in the long run. We can help you with water damage restoration and will safely and efficiently clean carpets that are water damaged.

Remove Items from the Area if You Can Do So Safely

If you have furniture or items that are sitting in an area where the carpet is dry, remove them from the area. If you have to pass over saturated carpet or puddles of water, then leave them for us to handle. The more you walk across your carpeting, the more damage you may be causing to the fibers and the padding underneath.

ServiceMaster On the Scene

When our trained carpet cleaning technicians arrive, they can help with moving any furniture on the damaged carpeting and then begin the water extraction. If structural damage has occured, we can assist with that as well. We’ll use state-of-the-art equipment to safely remove as much water as we can, assess if there’s any mold damage to be dealt with, and then begin the carpet cleaning process. We always aim to save the existing carpeting if possible, but if the damages are beyond a good carpet cleaning, we can help with pack out services.

We know that dealing with wet, soggy carpets is nobody’s idea of fun. Our technicians will do everything they can to help clean your carpets and get them back to pre-loss condition quickly. For help with water damage restoration and professional carpet cleaning services in Greenwood, IN, contact us at (317) 559-2231.

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