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Animal Hoarding Creates Dangerous Cleanup Conditions in Plainfield, IN

January 26th, 2018 · No Comments

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Compulsive hoarding and animals don’t always go hand in hand, but in the cases where it does, the situation in the home can be quite dire. Hoarding is a very complicated mental health issue, and dealing with a loved one who hoards animals can be tough. When the home has become unsafe and unsanitary, ServiceMaster DSI can help. We provide professional, discreet hoarding cleanup in Plainfield, IN.

Hoarders often feel the need to gather as many of an item as they can, and frequently suffer a sense of isolation. This makes pets the perfect answer. However, this desire to feel appreciated and loved turns into hoarding when they have more pets than can safely live in the space. If the pets urinate or defecate in the home and it’s not cleaned correctly, the high level of ammonia can reach unsafe levels. Bacteria, pathogens, and biohazards may be present as well. In many homes that have animal hoarding, there’s usually a serious pest and insect infestation that requires immediate attention.

Cleaning up a home that has an animal hoarding problem takes skilled and sympathetic technicians. ServiceMaster DSI can help with hoarding cleanup including:

  • Sorting through the home to save and salvage items
  • Donating items that are useful
  • Removal and safe disposal of biohazardous materials
  • Mold remediation
  • Disinfecting and sanitizing the home
  • Repair of any structural damage

Animal hoarding is a challenging situation. We know that it’s hard to see loved ones suffering and animals that need to find placement. Our technicians are skilled in hoarding cleanup and have the compassion needed at a stressful time for family members. If you’ve discovered an animal hoarding situation in Plainfield, IN, please don’t be too embarrassed to contact us. We can help with any level of hoarding cleanup and work to restore the home to pre-loss condition. Contact us at (317) 559-2231.

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