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HVAC System Failures Can Cause Water Damage in Facilities in Indianapolis, IN

February 12th, 2018 · No Comments

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The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system in a facility is one of the most extensive parts of a building in Indianapolis, IN. If it malfunctions, it can cause extensive damage and cost you time and money. To keep the HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently, ServiceMaster DSI offers the following tips.

Change HVAC filters
If the HVAC unit is working too hard, it can be overworked, causing freezing on the evaporator coils. When this happens, water damage can occur. This problem can be caused by air filters that are excessively dirty which results in restricted air flow. Filters should be changed by the manufacturer’s specification, most being once a month. Use high-quality HEPA air filters for best results.

Check the Drainage

Excess water should flow to a proper disposal drain. In some cases, large units will have a condensation pump or a safety float switch to help drain the water at an even rate. Water flow backups are the main source of water damage in businesses.

Algae Inhibitors

Algae buildup in water lines and drain lines can cause severe damage. Commercial algaecides are available to flush out lines and drains to prevent this. Check with the HVAC manufacturer as to how often they should be used. Preventing algae can also reduce the presence of mold, which can also cause damage to your building and require mold remediation services.

Have the HVAC Professionally Inspected

The HVAC is the heart of your building and is expensive to replace. Regularly scheduled maintenance of the system is critical to preventing costly repairs and preventing water damage to your building.

If your HVAC system fails and causes water damage in your Indianapolis, IN facility, we can help. Our trained technicians can be on site quickly to conduct water damage restoration anytime day or night. Contact us immediately at (317) 559-2231.

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