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Choosing the Right Carpet Cleaning Methods After a Disaster in Noblesville, IN

September 3rd, 2018 · No Comments

carpet cleaningNot all carpets are created alike, and when your carpeting in Noblesville, IN home or business is damaged, it needs to be cleaned the right way to preserve it. Our technicians are highly trained in damage restoration and can make sure your carpets are cleaned the right way, the first time. Each type of carpeting is made up of a complex series of fibers and weaves that require an experienced carpet cleaning technician after a natural or man-made disaster such as water, fire, and floods.

Synthetic vs. Natural Carpets


Carpeting can be comprised of either synthetic materials such as nylon and olefin, or natural materials such as cotton compounds or wool. Each has its unique way of “holding” spots and stains after a disaster. Spots generally appear on the outside of the carpet fibers and stains are embedded into the fiber of the carpet, and our trained technicians know the right way to clean both spots and stains in both natural and synthetic carpet types.


Choosing the Right Carpet Cleaning Method


All of our ServiceMaster DSI Noblesville, IN technicians, are required to have training, certification, and experience in order to help with carpet cleaning after a disaster. They choose the right cleaning method base because they’re professionally trained to look for:

  • The right cleaning method based on if the stain is petroleum based, smoke based, or natural products (such as dirt from flooding) based.
  • They know which stains and spots respond best to the right reducing agents
  • They understand the difference between the damage that can be caused by organic stains and synthetic stains

Experience in carpet cleaning does matter after a disaster. Even with the most advanced cleaning products available, the knowing how to treat the carpeting the right way is a large part of the equation on whether your carpet can be cleaned to its pre-loss condition after a natural disaster. To talk more about our carpet cleaning services for your home or business in the Noblesville, IN area, contact us at (317) 559-2231.


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Recover Your Plainfield, IN, Business with Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Services

August 21st, 2018 · No Comments

fire in building stairwell

Fire damage to a commercial building is devastating, not only for the loss of the structure and contents of the building, but because it affects so many lives on different levels. From the CEO to the employees, every minute the building is out of commission means livelihoods are at stake. ServiceMaster DSI of Plainfield, IN understands the unique needs of commercial fire damage restoration and can help get your building back to pre-loss condition as soon as possible.

Once the damage has been properly assessed, we’ll be on site with project managers to begin the process of fire damage restoration. Our understanding of the scope of the damage is the key to our success in rebuilding. We have extensive fire damage restoration knowledge and we start by helping secure the building to prevent further damage while remediation begins.

After the assessment, we get to work on any pack out services needed. Some items in the building may be able to be restored on-site, but others may need to be restored off-site in an area where remediation can be conducted in a controlled environment. We have the staff and experience to safely remove and restore the items in your building.

The different components of fire damage are then assessed. Is there extensive smoke damage? Structural damage? Soot damage? All of these must be tackled in a way that will prevent further damage to the building. The longer fire damage lingers, the more devastating the damage can be.

Complete drying services may include fogging, ozone, or other high-grade fan systems. We’ll constantly be monitoring the humidity levels of the building while we repair and restore. From furniture to electronics to carpeting, ServiceMaster knows the right techniques to restore items and when items are at such a significant loss that replacement will be a better solution for your business long-term.

During this complicated time, we work with you as partners in the fire damage restoration process, and it’s our goal to get you and your staff back to work as soon as possible. We’re here for your call anytime day or night if your Plainfield, IN business suffers fire damage. Contact us immediately at (317) 559-2231.

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Smoke and Odors in Your Carpeting After Fire Damage in Westfield, IN

August 10th, 2018 · No Comments

fire damageSmoke particulate is an insidious combination of many different kinds of compounds that are molecularly bound and are very difficult to remove after fire damage. Because of this, if your Westfield, IN office building has suffered fire damage, you can continue to smell smoke months and even years later if the damage is not properly abated. This is especially true of smoke odors clinging to carpeting because the fibers in the carpeting provide a perfect host for the tiny, sticky smoke molecules to dig in to. When we say tiny, we mean microscopic, as many smoke molecules are so small that thousands of them could rest on the head of a pin. Now imagine those same molecules in your carpet fibers after a fire!

Because smoke particulate is tiny, it moves through the air at astonishing speed and can easily travel through walls, HVAC systems, and around window panes. You could have a fire many floors up and still have smoke damage in an area of the building that seemingly has no damage at all until you take a big sniff. That’s why it’s so important to have a trained fire damage restoration company help you with remediation, including professional carpet cleaning for the entire building.


Floorcovering is one of the costliest items in an office building, so we work hard to revive and restore carpeting whenever we can after fire damage. Our technicians are highly trained in the most advanced carpet cleaning techniques using the most efficient and state of the art equipment designed to extract water, smoke odor, soot, and more. We understand that for every day your business is closed for repair and remediation means lost revenue, so we work with you to form a plan to get your carpets cleaned, looking good and smelling good as soon as possible after the damage occurs.


The most important thing to know about fire damage is not to wait to contact us. The longer the smoke residue sits on your carpeting, the more severe the damage can be.  We are available 24/7/365 to come in and assess the fire damage and begin carpeting cleaning and fire restoration efforts for your Westfield, IN business. Contact us and talk to one of our helpful staff members to begin the efforts to clean your carpets after fire damage at (317) 559-2231.



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Risks of Hiring an Inexperienced Disaster Restoration Specialist in Indianapolis, IN

August 1st, 2018 · No Comments

disaster restoration team outside house

If your home in the Indianapolis, IN area has suffered from severe damage from storms or any other type of natural or man-made disaster you’re probably overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. In the face of a disaster, the monetary expenses that you can incur can seem overwhelming, and you may be tempted to hire the cheapest firm you can to do the work, or you may even be considering doing the work yourself. However, it’s been our experience that when this happens, we’re often called to re-do the work that is done, causing more expense and more heartache to the homeowner. When it comes to disaster restoration, we’re the right company to call to get it done right the first time.

These are the most common mistake we see as professional disaster restoration specialists:

Incorrect Techniques

Different types of damage require specific cleaning solutions and remediation techniques. If someone is untrained, they can do more harm than good and cause damage to the property or even to themselves. Using the wrong chemicals can burn both items in the home and people! We follow the gold standard of techniques for disaster remediation and also can provide board up services, pack out services, and repair and rebuild services.

Incorrect Pack Out Services

 Pack out services are needed when items in the home need to be removed for drying, cleaning, or sanitation. Inexperienced people may not understand what should and shouldn’t be moved after a disaster. For example, wet wood furniture should never be placed in the sun to dry it out, as it will cause serious cracking and warping within the space of a few hours. Our disaster cleanup technicians know how to remove items carefully without causing further damage and will take them to a secure location with the right conditions and best practice for the damaged item.

This should help you gain a better understanding of the importance of hiring experts for disaster restoration for your damaged Indianapolis, IN home. Our trained professionals at ServiceMaster DSI are ready to tackle any disaster restoration scenario with care and efficiency without taking the shortcuts that will save money now but will cost you in the long run.

Contact us at (317) 559-2231 for help anytime, 24/7/365.

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Blood Cleanup Protocols in Your Plainfield, IN Workplace

July 24th, 2018 · No Comments

blood cleanupAny job that has a high amount of physical labor attached to it is more likely to see a serious accident than a general office job, requiring blood cleanup or trauma cleanup. Careers that have a high risk in Plainfield, IN include:


  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Shipping


It can be as little as a minor cut or a major accident; when blood is involved, some protocols must be followed so that the victim and the surrounding workers are safe. Blood safety at work starts with a protocol put in place by the employer. Your employees should receive training set by OSHA standards and should fully understand the potential of handling blood before they attempt blood cleanup.


Blood Is a Biohazard


We’ve all encountered blood in our lives, from an annoying paper cut that won’t stop bleeding to a bigger injury. Even though exposure to blood is fairly common, your employees should understand that when it happens in the workplace, it must be reported, and protocol must be followed. Blood contains disease-causing pathogens, viruses, and bacteria. People can be carriers of diseases they don’t even realize they have, so care must be taken.


Significant Trauma & Blood Cleanup


In the event of a significant trauma with bloodshed, it’s important for the health of your staff that you contact a trauma cleanup specialist like ServiceMaster DSI of Plainfield, IN. Not only is it emotionally difficult for your staff to process someone getting hurt on the job, but it can also be dangerous for them if they attempt trauma cleanup. Be very specific about what kinds of trauma should be left to the professionals when you talk to your staff about biohazard and blood protocol.


Reacting to a Work Accident as an Employer


When a work accident occurs, you must immediately seek medical attention for the individual and then block off the area that the blood is affecting. Contact us at (317) 559-2231, and our biohazard/trauma crew will be on site quickly to help you begin remediation. We work with all major insurers and will help with documentation as well as cleanup of the trauma site.


Your fast, immediate action is key to helping injured workers and staff staying as safe as they can in the event of workplace trauma. We’re here to help, so contact us anytime 24/7/365 for your trauma cleanup needs in Plainfield, IN.


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The Dangers of Bloodborne Pathogens During Crime Scene Cleanup in Zionsville, IN

July 20th, 2018 · No Comments

biohazard bag

Suicide, homicide, accidental deaths, and car accidents. We wouldn’t wish these tragedies on anyone, but they’re a fact of life in Zionsville, IN. Traumatic and difficult to deal with, any trauma scene is something that the public may not understand and is very dangerous to clean up. After the CSI’s go home, the responsibility of crime scene cleanup is left up to the survivors.

This is where ServiceMaster DSI comes in. For any trauma or crime scene cleanup, we can be on site fast to assist you and to help prevent further tragedies. Blood and bodily fluids are considered biohazards that can make you very ill and can even be fatal. In some cases, the viruses, pathogens, and diseases are transmitted just by touch, so it’s imperative to have a trained crime scene cleanup technician to assist you. We have the right training, protection, and the know-how to help deal with your tragedy at a time when you need help most.

It’s impossible to be sure what lurks in the blood of another person. They could be carrying HIV, or Hepatitis B or C, so universal precautions are necessary. At a time when you’re grieving, this is the last thing you need to be thinking about, but we do. Each of our crime scene cleanup technicians is rigorously trained, compassionate, and discreet as they safely remove any biohazards from the scene.

Trauma Services We Provide:

  • Cleaning for trauma of any kind
  • Biohazard Cleaning and Disposal
  • Crime Scene Cleanup
  • Sanitization of the area
  • Sewage Remediation
  • Animal Waste Cleanup
  • Suicide Cleaning
  • Methamphetamine Cleanup
  • Unattended Death Cleanup
  • Car Accident Cleanup

You don’t have to go this alone. We can help not only with cleanup, but we will work with your insurance company to be sure that you don’t have a big bill that surprises you weeks or months later. Trust a company with the most extensive crime scene and trauma cleanup experience in Zionsville, IN. Contact us at (317) 559-2231.

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Ensuring Effective Mold Cleanup in Your Leawood, KS Home

July 17th, 2018 · No Comments

mold cleanupMold can create a variety of problems in your Leawood, KS home, from odors to health issues. To treat mold and make sure it doesn’t come back, contact the mold cleanup professionals at ServiceMaster DSI! Our professionals provide effective mold cleanup by following a series of policies and procedures that ensure your mold problem is removed and won’t be returning.


Determining the Right Containment Area for Mold Cleanup


Mold spores can travel throughout the home, taking hold in areas far away from the initial outbreak. That’s why proper containment is so important in effective mold cleanup.


To prevent spores from spreading, we first create a containment zone that isn’t larger than it should be. Containment zones that are too large can cause issues, including:


  • More equipment needed to manage airflow
  • More leak points to block
  • More time and effort to decontaminate the location


Using the Proper Equipment


Effective mold cleanup requires more than splashing bleach on the problem. Our professionals use different types of industrial-grade equipment to manage and treat mold, including:


#1: Micromanometer or Manometer


This is used for measuring and monitoring pressure differentials within the containment zone, helping us properly manage airflow within the containment area.


#2: HEPA Filters


We also make sure that air entering the containment zone doesn’t have any general or fungal particulate material.


To achieve this, we use HEPA filters at the entry point to clean up the airflow.


#3: Microfiber Cloths


Our technicians also choose the right microfiber cloths that will achieve the most effective results when cleaning surface contamination, typically choosing those with a fiber size in the range of 0.3 microns.


We also use microfiber cloths for the final cleaning when no visible debris is left.


Sealing the Leakage


We understand that a specified pressure differential can’t be maintained if there are leakage points in the containment area.


Our technicians properly seal the edges so that airflow only occurs through intended pathways.


There’s a lot that goes into effective mold cleanup for your Leawood, KS home. By utilizing their training and experience, our technicians are able to not only remove mold from your home but prevent it from returning.


By choosing ServiceMaster DSI you can rest assured that mold cleanup will be effective and performed quickly. Don’t wait for the problem to get worse. Contact us at (816) 527-9412 for immediate assistance in Leawood, KS.



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Be Prepared for Summer Storms With Storm Damage Cleanup in Westfield, IN

July 5th, 2018 · No Comments

storm damage cleanupAs we head into summer we’ll most likely see some severe weather in Westfield, IN. Your home can experience serious storm damage such as downed power lines, toppled trees, shattered windows, roof damage, or even flooding when high winds and torrential rains hit. When loss like this happens the storm damage cleanup experts ServiceMaster DSI can help.


Safety First

The first thing to remember is that if a severe storm hits, get everyone to safety. Don’t attempt to be a hero and save items in your home or go outside to assess the damage before the storm has passed. Take shelter in basements or inside rooms that have no windows. Once the immediate danger has passed you should then assess the damage without taking risks. If your basement is full of water, cut the electricity first. Don’t attempt to move downed power lines or large amounts of debris yourself. If you’re able, document as much of the damage as you can with your cell phone and then secure the property.

Call Us for Storm Damage Cleanup and Repair

If the damage is so severe that you must leave your home during restoration, we can provide pack out services of items that need to be cleaned or dried. Board up services will keep vandals, animals, and the elements out of your home. We can provide temporary electricity services and water extraction services plus have the right equipment to safely remove and dispose of large-scale debris. We work with your insurance company to help restore your home to pre-loss condition whenever possible.

A Trusted Name in Westfield, IN

As part of the ServiceMaster Recovery Management (SRM) network, our trained storm damage cleanup team has the resources to help you no matter how severe the damage is. You can count on us being on the scene quickly to help if your home has been compromised by a disaster.


We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to take your call and dispatch our experienced and respected storm damage cleanup technicians. Don’t delay calling – when a storm damages your home, contact us immediately at (317) 559-2231.

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7 Steps of Fire Damage Restoration in Greenwood, IN

June 27th, 2018 · No Comments

home on fire

In the aftermath of a fire, your property can be in a condition ranging from severe to critical. Restoring your property in Greenwood, IN is top of mind, and ServiceMaster DSI understands that you need help quickly. To restore your property, we follow a step-by-step process of fire damage restoration to get your home back to pre-loss condition.

  1. Assessing Damage  Even a small fire can cause significant damage that the uneducated eye cannot see. Our fire restoration technicians will be on site quickly to look for visible and hidden damage in the home.
  2. Removal of Contents  If items need to be removed from the property for cleaning and restoration, we’ll pack them out to a safe location. If they’re damaged beyond repair we can discard them in accordance with state and local regulations.
  3. Securing the Property  After a fire your home may be exposed to the elements and could be victimized by weather, pests, animals, or vandals which can cause additional damage and delay restoration. We can provide tarps, barriers, and board up services to keep your home secure.
  4. Water Extraction and Drying  Once firefighting authorities have deemed the property safe to enter we quickly get to work to thoroughly dry the property. Water damage from firefighting efforts can be extensive, so we’ll extract water and then begin drying ceilings, walls, and floors.
  5. Smoke and Soot Abatement  We’ll clean and remove all the soot by using specialized equipment that prevents further damage and deterioration. Smoke odors are eliminated by using ozone generators and special foggers.
  6. Cleaning and Sanitizing  Dirt, dust, and any debris from repairs is completely removed and the building is totally sanitized.
  7. Restoration  Construction services such as replacing ceilings, drywall, carpeting, windows, or any other needs the building has to get it back to pre-loss condition will be conducted.

When you need assistance with fire damage restoration, trust the experts in Greenwood, IN. Our trained technicians can be on site quickly. We’re available to take your call 24/7/365 at (317) 359-2231.

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Hoarding Cleanup Can Reduce the Risk of Fire Damage in Indianapolis, IN

June 22nd, 2018 · No Comments

fire damage

Hoarding is a serious mental issue that results in the buildup of dangerous clutter in a home. This combined with the unsanitary conditions that accompany hoarding make it a high risk for fire damage. People who struggle with hoarding disorders have an inability to part with not only household items but also items of no seeming value such as old food containers, newspapers, and stacks of paper items. Extreme clutter like this not only presents a fire hazard in the home, it also puts the lives of the people who live in the home at risk in Indianapolis, IN.

If you have a friend, family or loved one who you feel is in a hoarding situation, professional hoarding cleanup is needed to prevent a devastating fire. The fire risks of hoarding can include:

  • Flammable items near the stove in the kitchen such as open grease, aerosol cans of cooking spray, and other cooking oils
  • The greasy buildup of oil (especially those oils with protein in them from animal fat such as lard) on the stovetop
  • An oven with layers of grease and food items on the racks or bottom
  • Clutter around space heating units in the home
  • Hoarding can hide holes in the wall that pests are using to chew on electrical wires
  • Burning candles anywhere is a huge danger in a hoarding home
  • Clutter and debris can block exits from the home and make it difficult to get out of the home if there is a fire

Most hoarders have a difficult time reaching out and asking for help. If you know someone who is living in a hoarding situation, their safety is at risk, and professional hoarding cleanup is needed as soon as possible to prevent tragedy. Speak to them in non-threatening tones telling them your fears for their safety. Make sure that there’s a fire extinguisher and working smoke detectors installed in the home.

Hoarding cleanup services are a difficult thing to deal with, that’s why we offer professional, compassionate, and discreet cleanup in Indianapolis, IN. Hiring a professional will help you mire your way through the complex mental emotions that are bound to happen during the decluttering and cleaning process while we help make the home livable again for your loved one.

Contact us anytime, 24/7/365 to discuss the hoarding situation you’re dealing with and to talk about hoarding cleanup in Indianapolis, IN

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