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Emergency Response Services in Indianapolis

Emergency situations both large and small can happen in an instant. Recovering from such situations takes much longer. The caring staff at ServiceMaster DSI are available round-the-clock to assist you in your time of need, no matter what situation you face.

Content Storage
Keep your belongings safe during repairs and restoration in our safe and secure warehouses. While in storage, your valuables will be cleaned and restored so they are ready for use when they return to you.

Temporary Power & Climate Control
Disaster situations can cause power outages and compromise the heat and air conditioning in your commercial building. These situations can limit or shut down your business operations. Your valuables may even be at risk for further damage with the loss of climate control. ServiceMaster DSI provides generators and temporary heating and air conditioning to keep things running smoothly until conditions return to normal.

Water Extraction Services
Floods and sewer backups can cause devastating damage if not cleaned up immediately. The experts at ServiceMaster DSI will remove all visible standing water, then track down the remaining water vapor to leave your building safe and dry.

Board Up Services
Severe weather and other natural disasters may cause serious damage to the exterior of your home, leaving easy access for thieves, vandals, and the elements. To increase security while the repairs take place, ServiceMaster DSI boards up windows, places roof tarps, and secures any other openings that the recent disaster has created in your home or office building.

Packout & Storage
At ServiceMaster DSI, we ensure that your valuables are protected before the repairs begin. We inventory each item and safely move everything to our secure warehouses to be cleaned and repaired before returning them to you.

Trauma Clean-Up
Traumatic events are emotional and stressful times. The highly-trained staff at ServiceMaster DSI has the knowledge, equipment, and expertise to handle every trauma clean-up situation with professionalism and compassion.

ServiceMaster DSI provides a wide variety of emergency services and 24/7/365 emergency response for any disaster that strikes at your home or office in Indianapolis. We provide content storage, temporary power and climate control, water extraction, board up services, packout and storage, and trauma clean-up in Brownsburg, Plainfield, and Greenwood, IN. Contact us today and experience peace of mind.

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